1.3.3 Promotion criteria within a research unit

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​​​​A. Background & Definitions

EQIPD Quality System relies on and should become part of the overall organizational quality culture.

An essential element of the organizational quality culture is the promotion practices and criteria aligned with the overall quality objectives.

Non-transparent or unfair promotion practices are often an impactful source of bias-generating pressure.

​B. Guidance & Expectations

EQIPD does not expect any formal documents or analyses to be conducted. However, it is highly desirable that the Process Owner reviews the promotion practices and criteria and, if necessary, aligns them with the quality objectives:

  • Is there a transparent description of Promotion criteria (and, if so, corresponding section of the Dossier may be used to store relevant documents or links to such documents)
  • Do the main criteria include adherence to Open Science and Good Research Practive principles?


To discuss promotion criteria with the team members

C. Resources

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