3.2.1 General guidance on training

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​​​​A. Background & Definitions

This item refers to one of the Core Requirements (Core Requirement 11 - "All personnel involved in research must have adequate training and competence to perform assigned tasks") and is, therefore, considered as essential.

​B. Guidance & Expectations

It is generally expected that it is the task of Process Owner to define the training needs of the research unit:

  • ​All mandatory/legally required trainings need to be documented securely maintained for all members of research unit, e.g.
    • Training related to animal care and use
  • For all other trainings: Unless prioritized and set by the parent organization, the Process Owner need to prioritize and set content, enforcement and documentation requirements based on RU's quality criteria, e.g.
    • Training related to detection, recording, reporting and avoidance of Conflict of Interest
    • Training for new employees joining the research unit
    • Training related to equipment used for the first time; materials and reagents that require special handling, storage, or disposal
  • Training must be provided to all employees on how to record data and what is considered sufficient data recording


  • ​​​To consider the need to develop and provide refresher training

C. Resources

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