3 Support Processes

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​A. Definitions

If required, please define key terms in this section, otherwise indicate "not applicable" ("n/a").

Key terms are those that are relevant specifically for this particular element (and not covered in the EQIPD Glossary).

B. Guidance

Please provide recommendations that will help the user to develop a method, document, protocol, tool or some other solution customized to their specific research environment.

This guidance should be short and concise, possibly in the form of bullet points.

For example, to develop a protocol for a specific key or support process, the guidance may include recommendations for the protocol to include the following information:

  • Who should develop this protocol and how it should be maintained?
  • What is the minimum information to be included?
  • How often it should be updated / revised
  • Is there any training necessary to introduce / implement this protocol?
  • Are there any risks associated with this process / method / protocol (e.g. risk of unblinding; emergency access to blinding codes)?
  • While the "soft" language such as "should" and "recommend" is strongly preferred, please explicitly identify those recommendations that are "strong" and, if not followed, require an explanation why they are not followed / are not applicable and the Risk Assessment box is to be ticked.

C. Resources



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