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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​A. Background & Definitions

NEED: A specific reason for introducing, and maintaining, high quality in the research unit's mission and objectives. NEEDs can be dictated by stakeholders (e.g. funders) or defined by EQIPD. They are identified by the research unit and included in the Planning Tool.

Challenge: An unmet requirement that must be appropriately matched by a specific solution.

Solution: The answer to an identified challenge.

Priority: The challenges are ranked in three categories: "1 - advisable", "2 - strongly recommended", "3 - must have". It will determine the order of the item in the planning tool with priority "3 - must have" at the top.

Planning Tool: A software tool supporting the research unit in order to implement the EQIPD QS.

Creator Tool: A software tool supporting the set-up of a new NEED that has to be followed by the research unit and can be imported into the Action Plan within the Planning Tool.

B. Guidance & Expectations

NEEDs can be created with the Creator Tool, which can be downloaded here (please download the file to enable Macros).

The CREATOR provides guidance for setting-up specific NEEDs and works as follows:

  • Opening the Creator Tool requires activated Macros and will directly prompt you to define a name for your NEED. This name will be displayed with every challenge that is set up within this need.
  • The Creator Tool displays all EQIPD Core and Confirmatory Requirements in a table to allow judging their importance. Leaving this empty will rate the importance with the lowest priority.
  • New CHALLENGES can be set-up with the "ADD NEW CHALLENGE" button which will start a Wizard with 4 tabs:
    • 1. Tab – Edit Challenge: A text field gives the possibility to name the new Challenge.
    • 2. Tab – Edit Guidance: Free text can be entered to provide guidance on how to tackle this challenge. It is also possible to provide an External link.
    • 3. Tab – Edit Importance: With the drop-down menu the importance can be determined.
    • 4. Tab – Edit Comment: This free text provides the possibility for additional comments.
  • Pressing the "disk-button" will transfer your information into the Excel sheet and finalise the setting up of this Challenge
  • The Challenge can be modified by clicking on the row
  • It is possible to set-up as many Challenges as needed for a given NEED
  • The process is finalised by exporting the NEED with the button "EXPORT NEEDs"
  • The resulting Excel file can be shared and imported by the research units who must adhere to this NEED (see more information Using the Planning Tool​)


  • to take special care that all your Challenges are covered within the NEED
  • to provide enough details about each SOLUTION so that they can be easily understood by all members of the researcher unit​

C. Resources

Youtube tutorial on using the Creator tool:

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