4.3.2 Using the EQIPD applications

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​​​​​A. Background & Definitions

Two tools were developed during the course of the EQIPD project:

  • Planning Tool: A software tool providing help and supporting the research unit to implement and maintain ​​the EQIPD QS system.
  • Creator Tool: A software tool supporting the set-up of a new NEEDs that has to be followed by the research unit and can be imported into the Action Plan within the Planning Tool.

Both are developed as Excel tools running with Macros on Windows computers (these Macros are not yet available for Apple Operating Systems).

​B. Guidance & Expectations

It is advisable to use these tools to set-up and maintain the quality system but their use is voluntary.​​

The following sections ( Using the Planning Tool, Creating NEEDs, Revising NEEDs, Deleting NEEDs​) provide guidance on their use.

C. Resources


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