EQIPD Quality System

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General Information

The ​​​​​​EQIPD Framework comprises t​​he research quality concept, Core Requirements, Implementation Strategy​ and tools developed by EQIPD to direct and support the users in building a flexible and lean Quality System. Key elements of the EQIPD Framework consists of Toolbox, Planning Tool​​, Dossier and external NEEDs​.

EQIPD defines quality as research data being fit for intended use. Fitness is defined by the scientists based on the needs of their organizations, funders, collaborators, and publishers. EQIPD has developed specific terminology that is used to describe the framework and the quality system Glossary (see also a list of Abbreviations)​.

Why does quality matter? The answer depends on who you are, what your objectives are and which environment you are working in. EQIPD has tried to summarize some of the key arguments that may motivate you to implement and maintain the EQIPD Quality System EQIPD in the video Why quality matters.

FAQ section provides more answers to questions about EQIPD Quality System, its implementation and use​.

Contact us if you have any questions: info@EQIPD.online

Key principles of the EQIPD QS

  1. Engage with autonomy
  2. Grow through reflection
  3. Focus on the goal
  4. Be transparent
  5. Leave a trace

More details

Why a quality system?

Introductory video by Prof Malcolm Macleod to the EQIPD Quality System:

Where to start?

The page Implementation Strategy provides a good starting point and answers the questions "What is it about?" and "How to implement it?".