3.4.1 Animal characteristics, care and use

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​​A. Background & Definitions

For research organizations conducting in vivo research, one of the main prerequisites for setting up the EQIPD Quality System are animal care and use standards, ethical and humane use of animal subjects.

​B. Guidance & Expectations

If an organization has an AAALAC accreditation, no further action is required. If an organization does not have an AAALAC accreditation, research units are expected to:

EQIPD recommends that the template is filled by or in close collaboration with an animal facility manager, attending veterinarian or a medical expert with similar background.​

C. Resources

  • Template to describe information related to animal care and use (all items covered by this section 3.4.1) - 3.4.1 Animal care and use.docx
  • The PREPARE guidelines (2018) for planning animal research and testing
    • A description of PREPARE on the EQIPD website
    • External link to PREPARE
  • The ARRIVE guidelines (2019) for reporting animal research - ARRIVE 2.0

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